Where to Get Baby Yoda Merchanise

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Do you call him Baby Yoda or The Child? Personally, I like the name Baby Yoda, but really it doesn’t matter to me what he is called as long as I can get my hands on all the adorable merchandise.

Cue the cooing and squeals of joy.

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We became smitten with this lovable alien the first time we saw him in The Mandalorian. I have heard that the creators were trying to keep his character a secret so they didn’t start on merchandise until after the episode aired so that is why there weren’t any products available to buy right away.

Fortunately though, there is now a growing supply of official Baby Yoda merchandise being released. Some of the products are available to buy and get now, and some are only available for pre-order.

Please note: Even pre-orders sell out so don’t miss them.

Here are some of the products we have been able to order and some additional products that are super cute that you should definitely check out!

Beat the scalpers! Order your Baby Yoda merchandise now so you don’t have to pay 2X-10X the retail price once they start shipping.

Baby Yoda PopSockets

These are just two examples. There are more than two dozen Baby Yoda images on PopSockets to choose from.

The Mandalorian and The Child 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are back! They are a fun activity to do by yourself or with family and friends. This 500 piece puzzle measures 21 1/4 x 15 inches once assembled. It includes a poster of The Mandalorian holding The Child to help in assembling the puzzle.

The Child from the Star Wars Living Set by Topps

Photo of The Child from the Topps Star Wars Living Set

The force is strong with this one. There are several options for getting your hands on a collectible trading card featuring The Child from the Star Wars Living Set by Topps.
Here are some Baby Yoda Trading Cards on Ebay.
The Living Set is a collection of the greatest Star Wars characters in the galaxy that lives on year after year. There isn’t a complete set because cards are being added. This card of The Child is #58.

Baby Yoda Poster

I have seen three posters with Baby Yoda on them. This one with Baby Yoda swaddled in his pod is the one we chose. This poster of the Star Wars text with the pod in the center was a close second. This one of him standing is cute too, but in person, the graphic wasn’t as nice as the one we ultimately decided on. These measure 22.375″ X 33″ or 22.375″ X 34″

Baby Yoda Tumbler

Take Baby Yoda with you everywhere on a 20 oz insulated tumbler.

Baby Yoda Mandalorian T Shirts

Just two of the many styles of Baby Yoda T Shirts. Baby Yoda in his floating pod T Shirt, or this is my good side T Shirt.

The Child Animatronic Edition

Can I make a prediction for the most popular gift this Christmas?
The pre-sale for this actually sold out in about a day. Keep checking back for updated availability.
This cutie was announced at the 2020 New York Toy Fair and he checks all the boxes for a hit toy. The animatronic toy makes over 25 sound and motion combinations, makes cute noises, has a Mandalorian pendant necklace, a soft robe, and you can lay him down for a nap. He even uses the force!
We ordered one as soon as we saw it. This is one of the longest pre-orders I have seen though. He is set to ship in December of 2020 which should be just in time for the holidays.
Be sure to watch the video

The Child Black Series Figure

This Black Series Baby Yoda figure only measures 1.1″. That is not a typo, it is just over 1 inch tall. It comes with his bowl, shift knob, and a snack. It is expected to be released on May the 4th.

The Child Collectible Figures

There are three sets to collect. Each set has two figures. The Ball Toy and Don’t leave figures, the Froggy Snack and Baby Yoda Force figures, and the sipping soup and napping Baby Yoda figures. Each figure is about 2.2″ tall. These Baby Yoda figures weren’t shown until the 2020 New York Toy Fair so the images are computer mockups. They are set to be released in late May 2020.

The Child Baby Yoda Plush Toy

This 11″ plush Baby Yoda is on pre-order and expected to start shipping in May. He has a soft body with a sturdy base filled with beans. Perfect for cuddling, or to put on display.

The Child Life Size Figure

This life size replica of The Child has been meticulously detailed and stands 16 1/2″ tall (including the base). He is even holding the shift knob. You have got to scroll through the photos of the prototype, that is if your heart can handle it.
If you aren’t familiar with Sideshow Collectibles, they are known for their museum-quality figures. Since these are made by hand they cost more than mass produced figures and tend to have a long order wait time. When I ordered ours on February 1st the expected ship date was between August and October 2020. Orders are fulfilled in the order they were placed so don’t delay. They are currently expected to ship between August 2020 and January 2021.
This is our second figure from Sideshow Collectibles. We also have a Ralph McQuarrie Storm Trooper.

What is the cutest Baby Yoda merchandise you have seen? Have you bought any yet?

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