Sunflower Files for Crafts

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Sunflowers are very popular and I have fallen in love with all the sunflower crafts.  

There are so many sunflower clipart and cut files available to make beautiful sunflower craft projects so I made a list to help you get started.

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Sunflowers are such stunning flowers.  From the tiny ones to the giant ones, the single stemmed ones to the big bunches.  Their colors are so beautiful.  They come in all shades of yellow, orange, red, even purple or blue.  

I was putting an email together for my font newsletter subscribers of my Free, Cheap, and Got to have ‘em font and design resource email. 
I was going to include a couple of sunflower SVG and clipart files for them because they are so popular but I realized there are so many amazing files out there!  Way more than I should add to an email, so I decided to create a post with some of my favorites and even make a sunflower craft for myself.

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Where to Get Sunflower Clipart, Graphics, and Cut Files

Here is where to get sunflower SVG and craft cut files for your Silhouette, Cricut, Scan n Cut or other digital cutting machine. Find png or clipart graphics for your projects as well as find out how you can learn to make crepe paper sunflowers and a DIY layered paper Sunflower video.

These files are all from companies that I have purchased or downloaded from before as well as recommend in my list of 30+ places to get free and cheap fonts and design resources WITH commercial use.  

Sunflower Cut Files and SVGs

30 Designs Sunflower Cut File Bundle

Free Craft bundles Sunflower Cut File

Sunflower and Pumpkin Cut File

Split or Whole Sunflower – Just add text

3D Paper Sunflower Cut File

3D Mandala Sunflower Cut File

Sunflower SVG and Cut File Bundle

Sunflower Clipart and Graphics

Use clipart and graphics to make waterslides, printables, stickers, sublimation, for scrapbooking, home decor… There are so many possibilities.

Sunflower Alphabet Graphics

Watercolor Sunflower Bouquet Clipart

Sunflower hand painted flowers and leaves

Sunflower and Cowboy Boot Clipart Graphics

Make Stunning Crepe Paper Sunflowers

A burgundy colored sunflower that I created using Lia Griffith’s pattern

Lia Griffith is known for her gorgeous crepe paper flowers. She has shared her knowledge and patterns in her Crepe Paper Flowers book so you can make your own.
In the book, she shows how to make large sunflowers. You can use the colors she does, or choose your own colors of crepe paper.
She includes patterns for the flowers in the book, as PDF, and as SVG to use with the rotary cutting tool in your Silhouette or Cricut.

These are the colors of crepe paper and Pan Pastel I used:

From the Tropical Garden Heavy Crepe Paper Pack:

  • Petals – Merlot Heavy Crepe Paper
  • Centers/Stamen 3 – Mango
  • Centers/Stamen 2 – Merlot Heavy Crepe Paper

From the Botanical Heavy Crepe Paper Pack:

  • Leaves/Sepals – Pistachio Heavy Crepe Paper
  • Centers/Stamen 1 – Onyx Black Heavy Crepe Paper

From the English Garden Heavy Crepe Paper Pack:

  • Centers/Stamen 4 – Nectarine Heavy Crepe Paper

Pan Pastel Color:

Make a Sunflower Layered Paper Art Decoration with Video

I haven’t crafted in a few weeks and I have been wanting to try these layered paper cut files so I grabbed this one from Creative Fabrica.

Here is the link to get the cut file for the seven layer sunflower

I made a video to show the steps to cut and assemble the sunflower. This was my first time creating layered paper art. It was pretty easy especially using my Silhouette Cameo to cut the layers of card stock.

Here are the steps to make a layered sunflower:  

  1. Purchase, download and extract the file.
  2. Open the file in Silhouette Studio, resize if desired and duplicate one set of layers for each finished project you would like to cut.  (Keep an original to help layer the project after it is cut).
  3. Separate the layers of the cut file (ungroup and drag them apart).
  4. Choose the colors of card stock you would like to use.
  5. Place the first color of card stock you will cut on your mat. 
  6. Place the design layer on the screen where your card stock is on your mat.
  7. Go to your send screen and select the correct cut settings for the material you are cutting (use my printable Perfect Silhouette Cut Settings form to record your perfect cut settings).
  8. Double check your blade is loaded properly (and set if using a ratchet blade).
  9. Send to cut.
  10. Cut out all the pieces in the file.
  11. Remove any cut out pieces from the layer if needed using tweezers.
  12. Using the original design, layer the cardstock in order to do a test fit.
  13. Apply glue, use a tape runner or double sided tape, or for depth, use double sided adhesive foam dots to the back of the second to bottom layer.
  14. Place the layer with the adhesive on top of the bottom layer.
  15. Put adhesive on the next layer and place it. Repeat until you have all layers stacked up.
  16. Hang on your wall, add to a scrapbook, or put in frame and enjoy your sunflower!

Have you made any sunflower crafts? Let me know in the comments what you have made or tag me on Instagram @littlegraysquirrel I would love to see!



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