Bunnies in store window for Easter

Bunnies for Easter: “Make Mine Handmade” Craft Round-Up

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Bunnies, bunnies, everywhere!

Easter is a difficult time of year for those who advocate for the care and well being of rabbits year round. While I really enjoy seeing cute rabbits on everything from cards to clothes, it is an unfortunate reality that real, live rabbits are given as gifts for Easter. The statistics for the number of rabbits that don’t make it to their first birthday or end up in shelters are gut-wrenching.

Bunnies rescued by Rabbit Advocates that were abandoned in a park

These rabbits were able to be rescued by Rabbit Advocates after being “set free” in a park by someone and left to fend for themselves.  Domestic rabbits are not able to survive in the wild. Setting a rabbit “free” is not only illegal, but rabbits don’t have proper food and shelter to survive.  If they are able to be rescued, they are often pregnant, and can be injured, become ill, or catch a disease which makes it even more difficult and expensive for rabbit rescues to take care of and find homes for them.

I urge anyone who may be thinking about it, to not give a live rabbit as a gift, and rather, know that rabbits are a 10+ year commitment and recommend researching thoroughly what is involved in their care before making the decision to have a house rabbit as a part of your family.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

I would like to say that I think rabbits are wonderful companions once you are prepared for one (or two).  If you are thinking about getting a rabbit, check with a local rabbit rescue or animal shelter and adopt one as opposed to buying one from a pet store or a breeder.  Another option is to foster a rabbit.  Rabbit rescues are always in need of foster homes and you get to care for a bunny in your home while you help a bunny find their furever home.  Click here for a list of rabbit rescues and to locate one near you.

Learn More About House Rabbits

Some great information about house rabbits can be found on the Rabbit Advocates website and on the House Rabbit Society website.

The Columbus House Rabbit Society also urges gift givers to “Make Mine Chocolate”. You can read more about their mission on their Facebook page and give the gift of chocolate instead of live rabbits for Easter.

Image of two live bunnies and two handmade pom pom bunnies.

So, instead of giving a real rabbit as a gift, let’s make some!

Here are 12 fun crafts and tutorials that were rounded up to help you incorporate handmade bunnies in your holiday or anytime.

Pom Pom Bunnies made by ikatbag.com blog1. These pom pom bunnies are adorable. You could easily make a whole fluffle in all different colors. LiEr from Ikatbag shows you how.

2. No one should have to wear a plain t-shirt when decorating your own is this easy and cute. Check this photo tutorial by Jessica Anderson at Cutesy Crafts.

Knitted Bunnies from a Square by Kristen by Studioknitsf.com

3. This is a simple pattern that is easy for beginners and has a video tutorial. It is a darling knitted bunny by Kristen at Studio Knit.

Spring Bunny Tutorial by LiEr sewmammasew4.The adorable plush bunnies in this step by step tutorial are also by LiEr from Ikatbag. She didn’t put a seam allowance on the pattern so it can easily be enlarged. All the more reason to make several in all different sizes. Unfortunately, the blog that was hosting this pattern for LiEr is no longer online.  She has a link to the PDF and instructions here.

Bunny canvas by Clean & Scentsible

5. Decorate your wall or mantle with a bunny painted on canvas, complete with a poofy tail, by Jenn Lifford of Clean & Scentsible

Curious bunny flower pot easter decoration

6. These little bunny butt flower pots are irresistibly cute, made by Jessi at Practically Functional.

Easy paper bunny craft by 7. Here is a clever idea, a paper basket shaped like a bunny by Kate at The Craft Train.

Bunny Paper Cones by Lisa Tilse of We Are Scout

8. What kind of treats would you put in these cute paper cones by Lisa Tilse at We are Scout.

Origami Bunnies by Leyla Torres of Origami Spirit

9. The art of folded paper bunnies by Leyla Torres at Origami Spirit. These would look so pretty with battery operated tea lights in them.

Wood Bunny Decor from Shelly at 100 things 2 do

10. I think these DIY Easter Décor Wood Bunnies by Shelly at 100 things 2 Do shouldn’t be limited to just Easter time.

Clay Bunny Bowl by Melissa Fenlon from Alice and Lois

11. Imagine having this little dish to hold your rings and things by Melissa Fenlon at Alice & Lois.

Marshmallow Bunny Cupcakes by Diana from Eating Richly

12. Try this easy recipe to turn out adorable, edible bunny cupcakes. By Diana at Eating Richly.

Photo of handmade pom pom bunnies you can make yourself.

Those tutorials sure make me want to start crafting.  Thank you for checking out my Bunnies for Easter: Craft Round-Up. And remember, while bunnies are adorable, they require special care and if cared for properly they can be a part of your family for 10+ years. So this Easter, “Make Mine Handmade”.

If you would like to add some bunny cuteness to your Instagram feed, you can follow my Instagram dedicated to finding a home for my foster bunnies @homeforbunny  and here are some accounts I also recommend:




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These are the perfect bunnies to give for Easter:

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