Siser EasyColor DTV Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

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What is Siser EasyColor DTV?

Siser EasyColorDTV is an Inkjet compatible, printable heat transfer vinyl.  DTV stands for Direct to Vinyl.  

You can print full color designs directly onto vinyl with a home inkjet printer and then iron or press them onto a garment or other product made out of fabric.
In the past, printable vinyl has required a solvent or eco-solvent printer or sublimation printer to print patterns or designs onto it.  Siser EasyColor DTV can be printed right at home with your inkjet printer.

Read on for some answers to frequently asked questions and some project ideas using Siser EasyColor DTV.

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What kind of projects can you make with Siser EasyColor?

You can use this product to decorate pretty much anything you would use heat transfer vinyl on.  It is possible to use it on wood but it is not recommended on smooth surfaces like cups and tumblers.  It is best used on porous surfaces like fabrics/textiles and even paper.  

Use to decorate clothing, on things for home decor, to make clothing labels…

Some examples of items it can be used on are:

T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, jeans, jackets, pillows, tote bags, zipper pouches, travel bags, aprons, towels, canvas, felt, so many possibilities.

What is Siser EasyColor DTV made of?

It is PU composition which means it is made from Polyurethane as opposed to PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) so it is typically thinner and more flexible than PVC Heat Transfer Vinyl and it can be cut with a laser and is CPSIA certified. 

What is the difference between Siser EasyColor DTV, Siser ColorPrint Easy, and Siser S-Print, Printable HTV?

Siser EasyColor DTV can be printed in an inkjet printer. You can use a dye based or pigment based inkjet printer. 

Siser ColorPrint Easy digital media can not be printed on an inkjet printer. It has a semi-gloss finish and it needs a solvent or eco-solvent printer.

Siser S-Print is a digital media that also can not be printed on an inkjet printer.  It has a matte finish, and is a waterbased polyurethane media that requires Eco-solvent or Solvent Ink for printing. 

Siser offers several products that can be printed on and then applied to garments EasyColor DTV is the only vinyl that you can print on with an inkjet printer.

Do you need a sublimation printer or solvent ink printer to use Siser EasyColor DTV?

No, this material is to be used in a regular inkjet printer.

Where to buy Siser EasyColor DTV?

I have two recommended sites to get these sheets.

I bought single sheets from The Vinyl Spectrum.   The single sheets cost more than buying in bulk but is a great way to try before investing a lot in a product. They also have discounted prices for buying in quantity, starting at only 5 pieces plus you earn reward points to save even more on future purchases. 
They also carry the TTD Heat Transfer Mask Carrier material in sheets and rolls.

Happy Crafters is another place I buy vinyl from. They have the Siser EasyColor DTV but they sell it in a pack of 50 which saves a good amount of money if you want that many sheets.
You can also get a precut pack of Siser TTD EasyMask in a pack of 50. These transfer sheets are reusable so you won’t need to buy them every time you buy more EasyColor DTV sheets

What size can you get Siser EasyColor DTV sheets and TTD mask?

Right now, the only size available is approximately US letter size – 8.4” x 11” Actual measurements may vary in width by ⅛”-¼”.
Hopefully it will be available in 11”x17” or in rolls in the future.

Does it work on light or dark fabrics?

It will work on both.  You do not need a separate product for light fabrics or dark. It is an opaque product so the printed design shows up nicely and isn’t affected by the color of the garment. 

What tools and supplies are needed for working with Siser EasyColor DTV?

Siser EasyColor DTV single sheets or pack of 50

Siser TTD Easy Mask (optional, depending on design)

Scissors or Cutting Machine (optional)

Weeding tool (optional)

Vinyl Squeegee/Scraper (optional)

Heat Press or Iron and firm, heat proof surface

Cover sheet – Parchment of Teflon Sheet See Notes

What software do you need for creating a design to print onto Siser EasyColor DTV?

You can use your favorite program to print an image onto the inkjet printable vinyl.

This can be as simple as opening an image on your computer and sending it to print, or you can download a font and or image from your favorite design marketplace, create your design and send it to print from your favorite design software. 

When designing, set your design page to 8.4” x 11” or (letter size is ok) and then save as a high quality image, at least 300 DPI so you get a nice clear printed image.

I use Silhouette Studio for designing and can print straight from the software to my printer.  The Standard/Basic version is free and you can import png, jpg, .studio, and dxf files and use fonts installed on your computer to create your designs. 
You don’t even need to have a Silhouette machine to download and use the software.

If you use Canva for designing, after creating it you can download your design as a high quality PDF or png and then open and print.

Examples of other free design programs you can use are Cricut Design Space, Inkscape, and Gimp.

Procreate is a popular design program for the iPad. To print, you would save as a png and then print the image. 

Some other design programs you can use that cost money are Adobe Suite products like Photoshop and Illustrator or Corel Draw, and Affinity Designer.

There are loads of design programs you can use, the best one is the one you are familiar with and have access to. 

Do you need to mirror or flip the image before printing?

No.  You are printing the design onto the front of the vinyl.  After printing you will peel the backing off of the printed vinyl and press with the design facing up.

side by side images of the same design, the one on the left is front facing showing how a design should be printed using Siser EasyColor DTV and the image on the right is mirrored showing it is not what you are supposed to do when using it.

What printer settings should you use for Siser EasyColor?

Use plain paper standard print settings.  You can use High Quality print setting but you might want to let the printed design set overnight to completely dry before transferring and pressing.

After printing, the design might look a little muted but it should become more bold or bright (have a little more pop) after pressing onto the garment.

On my first test, I used High Quality print setting and it didn’t need to dry for an extended amount of time. 

Does the image get darker after pressing?

Yes, as seen in the photo below, the colors did get darker, more bold. This image was printed on plain paper, high quality printer setting and pressed on with an iron.
Different printer settings and heat source could affect the vinyl differently.

Before pressing the image is lighter
After pressing the image is darker, more bold

Tips for working with Siser EasyColor DTV inkjet printable HTV

The cover sheet you use when pressing can affect the finish of the vinyl after pressing. 

Using a smooth teflon sheet will make the surface more shiny. 

Pre press your garment for 5 seconds and use a lint roller before applying the transfer.

Do test cuts to get the perfect cut settings for your machine and blade if cutting with a machine

Using parchment paper will leave a more matte looking finish.

Turn on print preview in your printer preferences to make sure the image will print on the sheet properly.

Can Siser EasyColor DTV be cut with a LASER?

Yes.  Since it is made out of PU (Polyurethane) and not PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), you can cut it with a Glowforge or other LASER cutter.

Is Siser EasyColor CPSIA certified?

Yes, it is certified under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act for use on children’s clothing.

Siser EasyColor DTV Specs:

Ink/Printer Compatibility: Inkjet printer
Thickness: 100 Microns/3.94 Mils
In comparison, Siser EasyWeed HTV is 90 Microns/3.5 Mils thin and Siser Stretch HTV is 85 Microns/3.3 Mils thin.

What types of fabric can you use Siser EasyColor on?

100% Cotton
100% Polyester
Cotton/Poly Blends
Lycra Blends

Other fabric? You can test it on materials that will withstand the heat required to apply it.  It is stated that it will not adhere to Nylon.

How to transfer Siser EasyColor to the garment:

If the design you choose is a single piece and doesn’t have intricate edges, you should be able to peel the printed vinyl off of the backing and place it on the garment to press by hand. 

If your design has multiple pieces or intricate edges you will probably want to use a heat resistant adhesive transfer tape, also called a mask.  
Siser makes a transfer tape for transferring printed vinyl called TTD. 
The low tack version is recommended so it doesn’t affect the printed design when you peel it off. 

The TTD sheets are reusable.  You can re-use the transfer tape as long as it is picking up the design for you. They come with a paper backing sheet so after you transfer your design, just cover the adhesive side and store until your next project. 

Does Siser EasyColor have matte or glossy finish?

It can have either.  It is up to you and you can change it if you want.

For a matte finish, use parchment paper as a cover sheet to press the design, for a shiny finish, use a smooth teflon sheet.  If you want to change it in the future, just repress using parchment or a teflon cover sheet. 

Can you Iron Siser EasyColor after it has been washed?

Yes.  If the garment it is on becomes wrinkled just iron the garment around the design and then cover the design with the preferred cover sheet and iron the design.

Can you layer Siser EasyColor?

Yes. You can layer Siser products like EasyWeed, Stripflock, Metallic, Glitter, on top of Siser EasyColor and you can layer EasyColor on top of smooth Siser HTV like EasyWeed.
Doing a knockout of the HTV on the bottom layer is best practice for optimal adhesion. 

Application Instructions:

If you are transferring a simple shape by hand, remove the backing, place the printed vinyl image side up on your garment, cover the EasyColor DTV with parchment paper or teflon sheet and press.

If you are using TTD transfer mask, weed the design if applicable, place the transfer mask on top of the printed image, flip the sheet over and remove the backing.  You can also reverse weed by weeding the excess pieces of vinyl off from the transfer mask after removing the backing. 

Place the weeded image face up on the garment and press. 

If you want to change the finish of the EasyColor sheet after pressing with the transfer mask, place a piece of parchment or Teflon sheet on top and repress for about 5 seconds. 

Heat Press Application Instructions

Using a heat press is recommended for optimal results.  You get even pressure and heat across the image and garment.  If part of the vinyl hasn’t fully adhered, cover it and press again for 5-10 seconds.

Pre-press the garment for 5 seconds before applying the vinyl.
Temperature 310°F/155°C
Pressure: Medium
Time: 15 seconds
Peel Temperature: Hot

Cricut EasyPress Application Instructions:

Temperature 340°
Pressure: Medium
Time: 15 seconds 
Peel Temperature: Hot

Home Iron Application Instructions

For a video on applying Siser EasyColor DTV with an iron, watch my Like Totally 80s Style T-Shirt Tutorial

Set temperature between Cotton and Linen
Pressure: Medium
Time: 15 seconds for each area, lift and press, don’t slide the iron around
Peel Temperature: Hot

Best heat proof surface for applying with iron or easypress

If you are using an iron or easy press you need a firm, heat proof surface that will resist the pressure and heat of the iron or easy press. 

A silicone pad like the ones in a heat press are a great way to protect your work surface and don’t take up much space. It is made of dense silicone foam that is heat resistant up to 600°F

They come in different sizes like this 15”x15” silicone pad and 12”x15” silicone pad

I usually use my heat press so I don’t have a separate silicone pad for ironing on.  I used some old books, covered with a towel, an upside down cookie sheet, and a piece of teflon sheet.

An ironing board is not recommended for applying heat transfer vinyl.
My ironing board has holes in the metal which would transfer to the design if I used it (like the holes in my home iron did in my Like Totally 80s style t-shirt video).  

Siser EasyColor Best Cut Settings For Silhouette or Cutting Machine

Best practice is to perform test cuts to get the best cut settings for your machine and blade

Suggested cut settings for Silhouette Cameo 4 are Blade 3, Force 6, Speed 8, Pass 1.  

I usually recommend turning on line segment overcut for nice clean cuts unless you are just cutting circles or shapes with rounded corners.

For best cut settings for a Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Maker, or Brother Scan N Cut DX, refer to the Siser North America website.

Washing Instructions:

Wait 24 hours before the first washing
Turn garment inside out for best results
Do not use liquid fabric softener
Machine wash cold, mild detergent
Do not bleach or dry clean
Tumble dry low

How does Siser EasyColor hold up in the wash?

I personally haven’t tested multiple washing yet.  I have heard anywhere from 20-50 washes.  Siser says it should last 20 washes which they said was considered the life of a garment. 
I wear my shirts for years but I also probably keep them past their prime. This will be something to revisit after the product has been out for a while. 

Is it worth it to try?

In my opinion, yes! The new Siser EasyColor DTV is a great way to be able to make print designs onto vinyl and transfer onto clothing and fabric using your inkjet printer.

I hope you got some of your questions answered and came up with an idea or five or projects you want to try using Siser EasyColor DTV.
Let me know if you have any questions.


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